12 Keto Diet Mistakes That Won’t Let You in Ketosis

We all understand adopting a keto diet is not so easy.

Getting into ketosis takes lots of focus and might be a little bit struggle for some since you are completely changing the way of living.

During the keto diet, your body is getting into the complete internal change of energy sources.

Adapting to the Keto diet and keto lifestyle is a process, and, like any other process, there will be some learning curves and speed bumps.

These curves and bumps can cause disappointment and distress, which should not have to. In this amazing article, I will discuss the most common keto diet mistakes.

That is commonly done by the newbie to get into ketosis (and what you can do about them).

By working on these common keto diet mistakes you can perform your keto journey effortlessly, and you will able to get the various benefits of keto foods.

Here Are The Some Common Keto Diet Mistakes You Must Avoid.

  1. Looking for a quick fix
  2.  Eating Too Much Dairy or Nuts
  3.  Not Keeping a Track of Carbs
  4.  Obsessing Over Ketones
  5.  Consuming Wrong Or Inadequate Protein
  6. Consuming Wrong or Inadequate Fats
  7.  Electrolytes Imbalance
  8.  Not Enough Sleep
  9.  Drinking Alcohol
  10.  Avoiding Vegetables and Fiber
  11.  Not Planning Keto Diet
  12.  Too Much Stress

1. Looking For A Quick Fix

On a ketosis process, the body switches the main source of energy that is from glucose to fat.

Getting energy from fat involves a different metabolic process, by which numerous physical and internal changes will occur on the body.

If you make the sudden change in your carb intake which is from 145-200 gm 20-25g per day it becomes a huge change for your body to handle.

A human body is extremely good at dealing with any change and adapting to any kinds of diets. But it needs some time to adopt the change.

To get into ketosis you need to be patient and slowly put yourself into the keto diet.

2. Consuming Too Much Dairy or Nuts

One of the common keto diet mistakes people make is to overeat dairy product and nuts.

But it not wrong as such if you can digest them properly (this will differ enormously from individual to individual).

However, nuts and dairy products are high calorie-dense (in addition to they are being very delicious!). So it is quite obvious you can overindulge and exceed your actual consumption.

3. Not Keeping A Track Of Carbs

Tracking your carbohydrate intake is extremely important in a keto diet.

As being into ketosis is strictly depends upon the consumption of carbohydrate in your diet.

So if you are not tracking your carb intake then you are constantly swinging between being in and out of ketosis.

As the number of carbohydrates you can have for the day depends upon your daily activity level and your metabolism. But at the starting period, it is better to stick to a safe limit of 20 daily.

4. Exceeding Ketones Intake

Once you take your body into ketosis, your body will automatically start producing ketones.

However, at this time it is totally useless to stress over the number of ketones. More ketones don't mean fast weight loss.

As your body is in ketosis the excess ketones will come out in the urine. But it does not affect your weight loss process.

5. Consuming Wrong Or Inadequate Protein

You probably adopted the keto diet to lose fat not muscles right?

You need to make sure you will add enough protein to your diet so that the health of your organs and muscles will not go down.

On consuming a high protein diet, the body produces glucagon which balances the insulin level and plays an important part in satiety.

This doesn't mean that you will start consuming excess protein because protein can’t be the efficient source for your body.

It can increase your insulin level and high insulin level can obstruct fat burning.

So you must maintain your protein consumption when you are in ketosis.

6. Consuming Wrong or Inadequate Fats

In the keto process, the whole system depends upon fats so you must ensure that you are consuming right fats. As all fats are not the same.

Which fats should you avoid?

The answer is 'processed fat'. You should totally avoid vegetables and seed oils.

One the other common keto mistake people do is not consuming enough fat.

As we all know in keto process fat becomes the main source of energy. Even that people face problem to find foods which have the right fats they require.

If you are on keto and want to lose weight, you must eat adequate fat so that you hit your daily fat macros.

7. Electrolytes Imbalance

When you are starting a keto diet, the low carb high-fat food is not only your main concern. You have to be focus on electrolytes as well.

Electrolytes are very important minerals for our body to keep specific functions like muscle contraction and managing your heart rate.

The lack of Electrolytes in your keto diet may lead to Keto Flu. So you must give a small attention to the Electrolytes while making your keto diet menu.

8. Not Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep may ruin your weight loss program.

A sleep-deprived person produces less growth hormone also it leads to an increased level of Ghrelin.

'Ghrelin' is a hormone that informs the brain when you are starving.

A person with sleep-deprived, it is more possible to store body fat.

Here are some tips that you must follow to get a healthy sleep.

  • Get 7-9hour of sleep every night.
  • Always eat light food before sleep.
  • Avoid workout 3-4 hours before you sleep.
  • Sleep in complete darkness also try to keep your mobile, laptops, tablet away from your bed while you sleep.

9. Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is a big no for those who want to lose weight.

It is one of the big mistake people usually do in ketosis, you must know the disadvantages of it.

It’s true your body won't store alcohol as fat but it has to be metabolized. That affects the fat-burning process in ketosis.

It also increases the appetite, dehydration and these are not good for fat loss.

10. Avoiding Vegetables and Fiber

Low-carb vegetables have their place in a keto diet.

The vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, bell peppers and fruits like berries or avocado are very high in micronutrients, low in carbs.

The fruits and vegetables won't spoil your weight loss efforts and keeps you healthy.

11. Not Planning Keto Diet

Losing weight through Ketosis is completely depends upon your diet.

So if you really want the actual and fast and healthy benefit of keto diet you must have a keto diet plan.

If you have not planned their meal then there would be chances that you could miss your daily macros. It is also possible you may lose your health.

So it is very important that you must plan your diet while on keto it helps you to track your daily carb, fat and other essential vitamin and minerals intakes.

12. Too Much Stress

You might have heard people gaining weight due to high-stress level.

Actually, while you are on stress you cortisol level rises. Which result in high blood sugar lower the ketone.

Due to the high glucose level body produces more insulin. And when it happens body reduces the fat burning process and that stop the weight loss.

So you must avoid yourself to get into stress and try to be happy.


There are no any Keto Diet Mistakes that you cannot overcome. Even if you find your self-making any of the above mistakes.

It is very easy to overcome them you just need the identify them and make it right.

You must have to keep one thing in your mind ketosis is one of the easiest and safest way to lose your body fat. But the only thing is you won't make any mistake.

“Which of the above mistakes you were doing and how this article helped you to get out of it? Please let me know in the comment below.”

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